Do I Need Wall Insulation?

Reduce Your Heating Bills

Insulation can be added to the inside or outside surfaces of your property which in turn will reduce the energy needed to keep your home warm. 

External Wall Insulation (EWI) is applied to the exterior walls of a property in order to improve its energy efficiency. It is then covered in a series of layers of protective mesh, base-coat and top-coat render. All of the render solutions that we apply are silicone-based and are self-cleaning and not prone to cracking (unlike traditional sand/cement-based renders).

EWI is primarily targeted at properties of solid wall construction, although it can be used on almost any type of building (including those with cavity walls). It is a cost-effective solution that will dramatically improve interior comfort and reduce energy usage, but also transforms the external look of the property.

Heat Loss

Over 35% of a properties heat loss is through it’s walls.

A correctly installed EWI system will reduce energy usage by approximately one-third. It can also help to prevent damp and mould from occurring on the inside a building, and can be used to remedy such situations should they already have occurred.

We are approved installers of a variety of BBA approved EWI systems, which are available in thousands of different colours and finishes. We offer a complete service, including removal and replacement of exterior fittings such as television aerials, satellite dishes and exterior lights. We also extend and replace components such as downpipes, guttering, boiler flues and window cills when installing External Wall Insulation. We always provide a cohesive solution and ensure that our customers are entirely happy with the end result.

We are a PAS 2030 accredited company, meaning that we are able to undertake External Wall Insulation work under government-led schemes.